Mercury Racing has unveiled its latest innovation in the boating industry: the Mercury Racing V8 500R outboard engine. This powerful supercharged 4.6-liter V8 outboard engine delivers an impressive 500 horsepower and is specifically designed for high-performance luxury sport boats. The 500R sets a new benchmark for power density in outboard engines, offering exceptional mid-range punch and unrelenting authority at wide-open throttle.

Mercury Racing 500R V8 Outboard Engine

Above: A Mercury Racing 500R V8 Outboard Engine at the official unveiling event. Photo by Marilyn DeMartini.



Engineered for extreme-performance boating, the 500R features upgraded components to handle its remarkable power. The supercharged 4.6-liter V8 FourStroke powerhead results in 50 more horsepower and 10 percent higher torque compared to its predecessor, the 450R model. The engine is designed to perform using 89-octane pump fuel.

The 500R incorporates advanced technology and rugged design elements. It introduces the exclusive Advanced Racing Core (ARC), a new midsection that enhances durability and performance. Upgraded powerhead, cooling system, midsection, and steering system components ensure optimal handling and reliability. The engine is available in four lengths and can be easily installed on new boats or used for repower applications.

Quint Mercury 500R Engines

Above: Quint (5) Mercury Racing 500R outboard engines on the transom of a boat. Photo by Marilyn DeMartini.

Key features of the 500R include a stout powerhead with upgraded components, increased supercharger boost pressure, and a new attenuator and throttle body design for improved airflow. It also introduces humidity compensation technology, allowing the engine to optimize performance in varying atmospheric conditions. The 500R comes with the all-new R-Drive gearcase, available in two versions to suit different boating applications, and supports Mercury Racing technology solutions such as Digital Throttle and Shift (DST), Adaptive Speed Control, and SmartCraft features.

Stuart Halley, the General Manager of Mercury Racing, expressed his enthusiasm for the 500R, stating, "Capable of delivering over 500 horsepower in various conditions and weighing as little as 720 pounds, the 500R sets a new benchmark for outboard power density. Its incredible mid-range punch and unrelenting authority at wide-open throttle make it the most exciting production outboard to emerge from the Mercury Racing shop."

Its 4.6-liter 64-degree V8 FourStroke powerhead is equipped with an exclusive Mercury Racing supercharger, ensuring exceptional performance on pump fuel with a minimum 89-octane rating.

500HP Mercury outboards

Above: Mercury Racing 500R outboard engines on the transom of a boat. Photo by Marilyn DeMartini.

While the 500R model shares the same 4.6-liter V8 powerhead as the 450R, it has been enhanced with several new components to support the increased power output. A robust new crankshaft with improved oiling, larger driveshaft splines, reinforced connecting rods, rod bearings, and pistons all contribute to handling the higher combustion pressure and a raised 6600 RPM redline. Moreover, a new low-inertia flywheel enables faster engine RPM climb, resulting in improved acceleration.

A brand-new 5.9-inch diameter gearcase, available in R-Drive and R-Drive Sport configurations, efficiently transfers power to the water, offering outstanding durability, handling characteristics, and cooling. With four available lengths (20", 25", 30", and 35"), the 500R can be seamlessly installed in single or multi-engine performance applications. The 26-inch center-to-center mounting distance on multi-engine transoms ensures easy integration into new boats and repower applications.

The 500R outboard features a 26 percent increase in supercharger boost pressure compared to the 450R. It incorporates a new attenuator with a larger intake to accommodate the higher airflow demand. The afore mentioned newer throttle body has a diameter that has been increased by 15 percent, and the shape of the supercharger inlet has also been redesigned to enhance flow. The charge air cooler fin density and flow pattern have been optimized for improved efficiency.

Boaters can choose from three appealing color options for the Mercury Racing 500R outboard. The engine is backed by a three-year limited factory warranty, with additional extended warranty options available.

For more information and images of the Mercury Racing 500R, visit the Mercury Racing website.

Written by: Ryan McVinney
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