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Picture this: Heads turn, jaws drop as you cruise in our stunning yachts with eye-catching aesthetics and unbeatable prices.

Dive into Hanover Yachts, where luxury and mind-blowing designs collide for an unforgettable experience.

Discover now our Line up and choose the boat that fits your lifestyle the most.

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Established in 1984 in Curitiba, Brazil, our shipyard had humble beginnings with engineer José Maria Cechelero Jr. crafting fiberglass Buggies in a small garage. As demand grew, our production expanded to include hoods for trucks, kayaks, kiosks, and watchtowers. In 1994, inspired by American fishing models, we introduced our first boats—the renowned ""Bass Boats."" This marked the beginning of our journey to refine our skills and achieve global excellence.

At Hanover, our love for boats permeates every aspect of our manufacturing process, evident when we proudly hand over the keys to our customers.

With nearly 40 years of craftsmanship and expertise under our belts, we invite you to experience the Hanover Yachts Lifestyle.

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